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Try Out a PBS Nerd Challenge or Event!

Browse the Calendar to see what Nerd Challenges and Events you want to try, and get ideas for creating your own PBS Nerd Challenge or Event!

A PBS Nerd Challenge is a personal challenge you create to invite friends and family to take on for fun to show your support for WXXI and PBS Nerds everywhere. Nerd Challenges should be an activity that highlights your nerdy passion.

Not into the Nerd Challenges? That's okay! Host a PBS Nerd Event. Invite friends over for a Downton Abbey watching marathon, or Ken Burns Trivia Night-whatever your nerdy heart desires!

What Are You a Nerd For?

Nerds have always been cool at PBS. Everyone’s a nerd for something, and WXXI wants to know, what are you a nerd for?

From the early days of Monty Python, Dr. Who and The Joy of Painting, to the Sherlock, Downton Abbey and Nova ScienceNow fans of today, generations of PBS Nerds have turned to Public Media to celebrate their nerdiness with pride.

Now we want YOU to help WXXI celebrate the Nerd inside all of us by becoming an official PBS Nerd!

Why Participate?

By participating, you'll help us increase awareness and raise money in support of the wide variety of interests that PBS and WXXI caters to through our exceptional programming and resources, and also promote two hallmarks of public media—diversity and inclusion.

You'll also have the chance to win great prizes, including sweet PBS Nerd swag and more. Earn points for everything you do! Check out the Leader Boards for more details.

Thanks to Our Local PBS Nerd Supporters